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        1. Hotline:(+86-21)56317754 / 56329818
          About Us
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          About Us

          Located at Room 502, North Building, 107 Nanshan Road, Shanghai,Shanghai Jiechang Industria &Trade Co.,Ltd. enjoys very convenient transportation for it is adjacent to the bustling Zhongshan North Road and Tibet North Road, and is close to Shanghai Railway Station. Address of Warehouse: No. 269 Yangzong Road (near No. 3 Bridge), Shanghai, China. 

          Now, our company consists of Guizhou Zunyi Jiejing Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiechang Property Management, Fleet Distribution and Business Center. After more than ten years of hard work, our company has successfully become an industry and trade limited company integrating chemical trade, production and logistics distribution. Now, we are a well-known company in the chemical trade industry of Shanghai.

          Sticking to such service tenet of "Quality as root, reputation as the foundation", our company has successfully certificated to ISO9000 quality system. "All employees are self-disciplined, self-motivated and self-improving" is the operating mechanism of our company. 

          Jiechang sincerely welcomes customers and friends to travel to our company; let's work together for mutual development.

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          Contact Us
          Address: Room 502, North Building, 107 Nanshan Road,
          Zhabei District, Shanghai, China Contact: Xu Darong (+86-13472502458)
          E-mail: sales@jjchemical.com
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